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A Rant About Ethics

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🚨WARNING: Rant about unethical behavior ahead.🚨

Today, I got an oil change. My car uses synthetic oil, so I expect to pay around $75 each time.

But when I got my quote – after my car had its previous oil drained and there was no turning back – they wanted $130.

“Why is this $55 more than normal?” I asked.

The tech tried to tell me every other oil change I’d ever had, for 160,000 miles, didn’t really use synthetic oil – lie #1. ☠️

Then he put the oil change reminder sticker on my windshield. He’d set it for 3,000 miles from now. But I drive synthetic! So I’m good for 7,000-10,000 miles.

He knew this, but still put a sticker that would lead me to get 3x as many oil changes as I actually needed – lie #2. ☠️☠️

Your company’s true culture and ethics trickles through every customer interaction. Trying to pull a fast one on customers? That’s going to manifest in the design of your website, app, emails, etc. No company, large or small, is immune to this truth.

In fact, I heard a juicy story about this very thing this morning. It’s a dramatic tale about money laundering, the mob, and more in the tech industry. More then.

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