We're pausing regularly scheduled programming.

Times are weird, yo. So we’re running special conversion-focused website audits for charity.

100% of what you pay us goes to supporting distance learning for kids. You get more sales from your website. Kids get to learn while stuck indoors.

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, dogs and cats living together…

(Basically 2020 2021 as a gif)

Kind of feels like mass hysteria right now. Life sucks if you’ve got 3 kids stuck at home and you’re trying to get your work done.

But life would suck more if you were a 6th grader living in Patterson, New Jersey, stuck at home while your mom risks infection every day.

Just to keep the meager groceries on the table.

The internet was built to give everyone equal access to the world’s knowledge and opportunities. 

Yet some kids don’t have the means to access those opportunities at home. And with schools closed, they’re even more locked out.

Right now, because things are weird, we’re offering a special, low-cost audit and donating all profits to projects on DonorsChoose

How could we use our audits to help people so that we’d (selfishly) feel good and (unselfishly) help people who actually needed it?

Oh, right: we could donate everything we earn from audits to a worthwhile charity.

After a little bit of digging, we found an A+ rated charity that spoke to our hearts. And we made a decision:

We’d offer discounted audits and then donate all proceeds from those audits to charity. So customers would get an amazing audit in exchange for being charitable.

Seems like a win, right?

Here are some of the projects on DonorsChoose to give you an example of what we’re going to fund:

"Ok, what do these audits actually include?"

Our brilliant team is standing by for your 57-point conversion design audit.

We’ll take a look at your site, then prepare a video and written report showing you specific, actionable ways your site can drive more results. This heuristic analysis includes auditing:

Your Site Design

Do your site visuals support your message or distract from it?

Your Site Copy

Does your site copy prepare your users to go on a psychological journey from awareness to conversion?

Your Tech Stack

Are there development issues, such as broken code or unoptimized site elements, driving potential customers away from your brand?

"...So who are you, again?"

We’re Common People Web Design, and we fight for the users.

Our core belief is that the best websites combine the right visuals, the right words, and the right tech to drive measurable results.

We’ve helped companies you’ve heard of (like Intel and Panasonic) develop the right strategic messaging to support their sales.

And we’ve also helped small, hyper-local businesses grow cult followings to build profitable, right-sized businesses.

Mika Hall

Account Services

Matt Hall, MBA

Messaging Strategy
Web Development

Here are some nice things people have said about us:

Most content writers don’t know strategy. Most strategists don’t write copy. And nearly none of them understand design. Matt is the rare curly fry in a box of crinkle cuts that knows all three. And he doesn’t just dabble—he has a deep understanding of them. Matt can find quick fixes in just a matter of minutes that’ll have a dramatic impact on your conversions. Not many people can do that.
Finding a content strategist who understands conversion copy and conversion design is a rare feat. But Matt ticks all the boxes. His wide breadth of experience -- optimizing across a variety of mediums -- gives him a unique ability to quickly see opportunities for growth that others miss, plus the exact strategies to take advantage of them.

Perhaps the easiest way to show you what you get is to watch the sample video below.

Warning: if you watch this sample audit, you’ll want to hire us.

Good stuff, right? When you get your audit, we’ll deliver:

  • A detailed video like the one above
  • A 57-point audit worksheet showing what’s working well and where you can improve
  • A fair cost estimate for what you can expect to pay to fix the issues identified (whether you hire us to do it or not)

Brilliant marketers love
these audits:

Michal Eisikowitz, www.michaleisikowitz.com

Gin Walker, Copy Genie

“Alright, let’s get one of these profitable audits while helping kids learn from home. How do I get started?”

These premium audits usually start at $1000 USD minimum.

But right now, you can get an audit with a donation that’s just $247. (Remember, everything you pay us goes to fund projects on Donors Choose, minus Stripe/PayPal fees.)

It’s the same audit you’d get paying the full price. You’re just helping kids while identifying conversion-stopping problems with your website.

Average turnaround time is one (1) business day, though it may take up to one week if we’re swamped. (You’ll receive an ETA when you purchase your audit.)

Want to donate directly? Email a copy of your donation receipt for at least $247 to matt@commonpeople.co, and we’ll give you an audit for free. We don’t care.

“How do I know you’re actually going to donate these funds?”

When the audits are done, we’ll make those available to watch as an info product we can sell. Maybe we’ll call it “Big Bunch O’ Audits,” idk. But there will be a list of audits and respective donations made available to all donors to maintain full transparency.

(And if you donate and don’t want your name or audit published, that’s fine – we’ll anonymize whatever information you want.)

Book Your Audit Now

Fill out this form to book your conversion design audit. Then, and this is important:

Make sure to complete the audience avatar worksheet after payment!

(You’ll see links on both the thank you page and the confirmation email.)

We’ll then email your audit to the email you use below.


Is this a publicity stunt?

No, because we’re not spending $2M on a Big Game ad to tell people how we donated $100k worth of water bottles to Flint, MI. We’re just so tired and trying something productive because it might make us feel better.

Why aren’t you doing audits for $1? Doesn’t every dollar count when it comes to charity?

No, that’s not a smart use of our time. Free audits didn’t feel right because, frankly, we’re beyond that. (We’re experienced professionals, after all.) Amounts that feel small in our industry make a massive difference to the people receiving these donations.

And the information you’ll get in your audit will help you make more sales, helping you make back the cost of the audit if you implement it.

So it only seems right to charge as much as we can so we can donate as much as possible.

Why not another charity like some celebrity thing?

As Common People co-founder Matt explains, “I owe my career to public school teachers who gave a poor kid in LA access to computers. It feels right to pass that along and help more kids access tech and opportunities they might not get otherwise. Besides, isn’t that the dream of democratized technology?”

DonorsChoose also has an A+ rating from CharityWatch, spending 94% on programs relative to overhead. It also seemed like a great way to enable distance learning opportunities to kids in need. It met transparency and governance benchmarks, and the privacy policy was even on board. 

What if I just want to donate to something on DonorsChoose by myself?

Awesome – we encourage it. Go fund every project you can. So many of the projects feel so small for people in our space, but the funding would mean so much for the people it benefits.

Hate to take attention away from the kids, but if you want to work with us, here's how.

Every website project begins with an audit. If we move forward, the full cost of the audit gets applied to your website project. We work best if you’ve already identified measurable goals for your website (we can help with this if you’re not there yet).

If this sounds good, then let’s get started!

Fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch to schedule a full onboarding chat.