Wish You Had a Crew to Handle Launch Duties?

Take Your Launches Where They've Never Gone Before

Launch Bay for Copywriters accelerates your next course, mastermind, or group program launch – boldly taking you into a profitable future

Our mission: assemble a crew to create stunning launch assets. Perform logical Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analyses. Seek new opportunities to grow your business and audiences. Because you’re a copywriter, not a designer/developer/mechanic.

Get All the Design and Tech for Your Launch Copy in One Streamlined Package

Whether you’re launching one-on-one mentoring or a scalable course, the Launch Bay will help you focus on your audience, skip the contractor headaches, and get smart strategies for your launch.

Make Launch Stress a Thing of the Past

After months of hard work, planning, and writing...

You've created an incredible online learning experience

And while you’re confident in the value of your course, mastermind, or group program, you’ve had rough experiences with designers and developers (or you’ve heard horror stories from friends).

But now, instead of focusing on crafting the best messaging possible...

You’re stuck overseeing design and development

What you’re here to do is transform your audience’s lives. But instead, you’re project managing designers, developers, and VAs… all on top of trying to finish your copy in time for cart open.

This isn't what you signed up for...

Isn't there a way to leave the design and dev to someone who “gets” the “why” behind your conversion copy and launch strategy?

Imagine how much less stressful (and more profitable) your launch could be if you could spend all that time project managing on crafting the perfect messaging instead?

And rather than fixing bugs and broken automations, what if you could rest easy as launch day approaches?

Then you could spend more time answering audience questions, providing one-on-one support, and working to fill more spots before cart close.

Plus, after your launch was over, you’d have a partner who could do the frustrating work of analyzing how it performed (numbers! data!) while you took a breather. Then you’d have clear conversion rate optimization tests to run for your next launch round.


The Launch Bay for Copywriters

The future of profitable launches

Get all the design + tech you need

Including launch campaign design and tech implementation so your launch can prosper.

Scan for blind spots.

We’ll test and repair any holes in your funnel before you christen your launch.

Upgrade with every mission

Our precise post-launch analysis shows you logical conversion rate optimization tests you can run next cycle.

Plus get the same level of conversion-focused design and dev you always get with Common People:

Get Conversion-Designed Results Like These

Matt understands design at a deeper level than most. It's not just about pretty layouts and fancy colors—but as a copywriter, he knows to make it convert. His understanding of messaging hierarchy is the perfect compliment to design, and the page he created elevated all the right components.
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copy
Matt jumped in to save the day when my launch was about to crash and burn. He researched the options, knew what to do, and then just... did it. He got things done without having to be chased or asked. He was considerate of the bigger picture and excited about being part of my success. I left feeling great about him as a person, and a professional.
Joel Klettke
Case Study Buddy
We interviewed Matt for our podcast and his conversational approach to solving problems and talking through processes was so helpful for both us as hosts and for our listeners. I loved how passionate he was about ethical design principles and how he applies it to his everyday work.
Laura Luck
Table at the Back Podcast

What's Included

Everything You Need to Have a Successful Launch

You bring the copy, we bring the rest

How Launch Bay Helps You Have Profitable, Stress-Free Launches

Step One

Pre-Launch Checklist

We’ll walk through and diagram your entire launch, giving you a clear list of every asset you need. We’ll also assess your current tech stack and recommend any changes you might need prior to going live. (Week 1)

Step Two

Sequence Initiation

Together, we’ll assemble each of your launch assets. Expect full collaboration as we synergize your copy with our design and tech. (Weeks 2-3)

Step Three


This isn’t a fly-by-night operation. We’ll run through your entire funnel sequence – live, in a secure environment – and test every access point. This means checking integrations, payment gateways, and everything else we can. We don’t want any unexpected surprises on launch day. (Week 3-4)

Step Four

Deployment and Monitoring

By now, everything should be intelligently automated and ready to go. But just to avoid tribbles in the system, we’ll monitor your launch carefully and provide 24/7 access to support through cart close. (Week 4)

Step Five

Pre-Launch Checklist

After a sigh of relief, our team will carefully assess launch performance. Were there any conversion rate dropoff points? Unexpected results? And what are some ways we could improve in the future? We’ll diagnose and debrief this all, then provide your results in a thorough report. (Post-launch)

Meet the Command Crew

We’re Mika and Matt Hall, founders at Common People Web Design. It’s our job to empower purpose-driven organizations to do more good in this world.

(And we love a good jumpsuit!)

We built our first site way back in 1999 during the days of Frontpage (RIP chunky iframes). And now, we’re helping copywriters focus on what matters most during their launches.

Our goal is to handle your launch design and techso you can

  • Connect with your ideal students…
  • Leverage premium branding… 
  • Hit new income levels…

…and achieve your other business goals.

We’ve designed every step of the Launch Bay process to be as friendly and low-stress as possible. 

Our Unique Approach

Assembling the best crew for your launch

Common People’s forward-looking team model doesn’t rely on the same old, stale agency approach. (You know, the one where creatives are paid as little as possible to overwork themselves to burnout? The one that consistently produces bland, uninspired work?) 

Instead, we assemble your Launch Bay squad based on your brand’s unique style, audience, and launch goals. And then we pay each team member a fair share to incentivize the most talent and experience possible. This means consistently great results for our clients – and a high probability of your best launch ever.


We’ll select the right senior designer who can elevate your copy with stunning, memorable visuals. This includes developing a visual hook for your launch campaign.


Never fear: you’ll have a developer who can build your launch sequence with the highest efficiency and stability.


No matter which crew is right for your launch, you’ll have an experienced command crew to provide creative direction and conversion-focused strategy.

Goals and Outcomes

Mission Briefing: What to Expect

Every launch bay mission has one prime directive: provide a positive Return on Investment. That means measurably increasing revenue generated from your previous launch benchmarks – and doing so in a way that generates more than $1 for every dollar you spend with us. Attributing success to specific launch assets is a qualitative process, but we aspire to be as quantitative as possible. 

This means taking the value-added step of mapping out your entire launch sequence. By doing this, we can identify every spot a conversion event needs to happen: from visitor to opt-in, from consideration to purchasing, etc. 

Then we’ll implement the right measurements (Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.) to make sure we can track performance. 

That’s the technical, engineering side. For design, we’ll collaborate closely with you to understand the right “feel” and look of your brand. We’ll also review your copy to identify ways your messaging can be enhanced through synergizing words and visuals.

It’s our goal to complete and test your entire launch sequence at least one week before cart open. This gives us ample time to enjoy a calm, collected launch.

In the event the launch doesn’t quite meet performance expectations, we’ll work with you to identify how we can improve in the future. 

Our design process

Sprinting Toward Powerful Design

Our design methodology borrows from the most successful startups and companies. How? By integrating design “sprints” into our iterative process. Here’s how that works:

Sprint 1: Design Direction and Concept

We’ll present several ideas to you during this phase to see which ones you resonate with most. (Don’t worry if the first thing you see doesn’t look finished or on-brand – this is the time for experimenting and riffing.)

Sprint 2: Draft and iteration

We’ll present several ideas to you during this phase to see which ones you resonate with most. (Don’t worry if the first thing you see doesn’t look finished or on-brand – this is the time for experimenting and riffing.)

Sprint 3: Final draft and design kit

Once we know which direction is right, we’ll revise the draft and use that as a starting point for the rest of your design assets. This way, your entire launch campaign shares a memorable look and feel. This significantly speeds up the process of creating your other launch assets, giving us plenty of time for testing and bug fixing.

Our tech process

Human-Centered Design, Conversion-focused Engineering

Our development process is closely tied to our design process. And both borrow from the best of the tech industry. 

We begin laying the groundwork for your launch tech once we start with design. This way, we don’t waste time with a clumsy handoff between separate designers and developers. 

Once the tech foundation is laid, we spend time testing it in the real world. This means temporarily setting the launch price to $1 (before public launch) and using a physical credit card to verify the following:

In short, this lets us launch with confidence and avoid all of the stress you might hear about from other launches. 

Important note: there are ALWAYS, ALWAYS bugs during a launch. It’s essential you make time to find and squish them before cart open. Trust us: we’ve often been called on to fix launches that didn’t leave enough time for testing.

We’ve done this a lot, on teams large and small. And we’ve found the design and engineering processes above are the most efficient, reliable ways to have a calm, predictable launch.

Warning: To qualify for Launch Bay, you MUST meet the following requirements:

If this all still sounds good, then awesome – we’re going to be a great fit.

Warning: To qualify for Launch Bay, you MUST meet the following requirements:

If this all still sounds good, then awesome – we’re going to be a great fit.

Mission Summary

As a recap, here’s what your Launch Bay mission includes…

Your Course/Product Sales Page

So your course, mastermind, or program is memorable, professionaly branded, and makes potential customrs feel confident buying from you

(Normally $3000)

Unlimited Variants of your Squeeze Page/Landing Page/Opt-in Page

you can quickly bring new tests to life and optimize launch performance

(Normally $500 per variant)

PDF/Downloadable Design and Buildout

So you can grow your list and reach new students

(Normally $1500)

Email copy implementation

Into ActiveCampaign / Convertkit / Mailchimp / etc. so you can focus on writing the best copy possible instead of frustrating automations

(Normally $1500)

Integration Setup

So every stage of your launch sequence works together perfectly

(Normally $1000)

Testing & bug fixing

So you can feel calm and confident when the cart opens and have immediate priority just in case something comes up

(Normally $1000)

Strategy Audit + Ongoing Launch Support

So you can optimize this launch, take care of every conversion point, and have a partner to bounce ideas off of throughout your launch

(Normally $2500)

Post-Launch Analysis

To understand exactly how your launch performed and to gain optimization recommendations so future launches are even bigger

(Normally $2500)

Total Value if Purchased
Separately: $13,500+

Your Investment: $6500

(10% discount for paying in full)

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had a lot of success with previous projects. But we’ve never brought all of our launch design and tech work together in a package like this before. That’s why we’re offering this special beta rate as we improve and optimize this service.

In the future, the Launch Bay will cost $9997 per launch or $24,000 per year for 3 launches.

We find the most success is when we’re engaged at least 6 weeks before your launch.

An entire launch sequence takes about 4 weeks to create AFTER we get your copy. 

That gives us time to:

  1. Establish a design language that works for your launch campaign
  2. Revise and optimize
  3. Thoroughly test prior to launch

Please note this is all dependent on your timely feedback.

Maybe, depending on how much of your copy is ready. Email us for details (matt@commonpeople.co).

Yep, fill out an application, and we’ll send you instructions on how to book the call.

As mentioned above, you get the following:

  • A fully-designed and built sales page
  • A fully-designed and built squeeze page plus unlimited variants (subject to strategic review and Common People approval)
  • Technical implementation of your email sequence into your existing email service provider
  • Technical support during your launch
  • Full testing prior to launch
  • A launch analysis and debrief including ideas for future launch tests

Yes, if we have our onboarding call and realize this isn’t a good fit for your business, we’ll cancel the project and refund your deposit. No hard feelings.

Once we collect your deposit and block off time for your project, and you cancel, your deposit will not be refunded. Sorry – but opportunity cost.

We basically support everything with a few exceptions:

  • Clickfunnels

That’s basically it.

If we think you’re using a platform that’s harming the chances of a successful launch, we’ll make a professional recommendation and change it for you.

If you already have fonts/colors/etc. picked out, awesome! We’ll start from there and build on that together as we craft your site.

(That’s actually even better because it means we can spend more time finding the right memorable “hook” for your site.)

But if you need this, we can provide you options. 

We’ll start wherever you are and then work upward from there.

We’ve been making websites since 1999. And we’re thrilled at how easy some website builder platforms are today compared to when we started.

But some website platforms just aren’t great to grow your business on.

Our goal is to set you up for long-term success. We don’t want you to need to rebuild your entire site 9 months from now as you grow.

That’s why we’ll only build on platforms we believe are optimal for your long-term success. This includes:

  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • Squarespace

However, if you’d like to use another platform (such as Kajabi), we’re happy to discuss how we can build on your hosting.

We do not support Clickfunnels at this time.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to hire us yet. But we’re still happy to chat and help you strategize a way to get to your next launch. Send us an email.

If you don’t have your own copy, we have a vast network of very talented copywriters you can hire. We’re happy to help you get connected to the right person.

We totally understand there are reasons you might want to change designers/developers. It’s our goal to set you up for long-term success, so we’ll provide you with clear documentation and instructions you can share with your team.

That way, no matter who’s working on your site, you know what’s up.

Because we’re not managing your traffic, customer relationships, or a million other factors affecting your launch, it would be professionally negligent and unethical of us to guarantee any sort of results.

However, we do guarantee our work. If your site crashes, or you run into a technical issue during your launch, we’ll fix it ASAP… even on a weekend.

The good news is because we start 6 weeks before your launch campaign, we’ll have time to do proper testing. 

We’ll run through a big pile of heuristic tests. We’ll also run user research with real-live humans so we’re not working in a vaccuum. 

This includes tests like:

  • Is the payment system working?
  • Are customers properly being granted access to my [thing] after they pay? 
  • Are any parts of this sales page/squeeze page confusing?
  • Does my sales page look right on a range of mobile devices and desktops?
  • Are my integrations firing properly?

…Stuff like that. We’ve done this a LOT, and we find that human user testing ALWAYS yields interesting results that improve the end experience. That’s why we absolutely, no-compromises require testing prior to your launch.

It’s our pleasure to answer them! Just email matt@commonpeople.co

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