Better Education Through Technology

Education Support Services to enhance learning experiences and provide measurably improved learning outcomes

We live in the future. So why is education still stuck in the 90s?


Since 2014, Common People has provided education support services that help improve student outcomes and create exceptioanl learning experiences.

How? By leveraging new technology and high production values. 

Our Services

Course Development

Get a video and written report showing you specific, actionable ways to get more results from your site.

Educational Video Production

Wrangle your content into a focused, research-based experience.

Textbook Development

Transform your dull, underperforming help center into a marketing and customer retention-boosting machine.

One-on-one Tutoring

Get ready to grow, fast. One-page websites are the perfect sales tool for lean businesses.

Accreditation Consulting

Get ready to grow, fast. One-page websites are the perfect sales tool for lean businesses.

eLearning Website Design

Create the sales page for your latest and greatest offer. Offering copy, design, and development.

Our Research-based process ensures better results

By applying the latest scholarly research, as well as conducting in-person and virtual user research, your students learn more.

At Common People, we apply lessons from the startup and technology spaces into the classroom – whether that’s for in-person learning or virtual.

This means conducting user research interviews where we get qualitative feedback from students, data analysis to identify what’s working in courses, and staying on top of the latest academic research to ensure our work reflects the latest pedagogical approaches. 

Our Team

Mika Hall

Founder & CEO

Matt Hall, MBA

Course Development

Our Clients & Experience

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