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Feeding San Diego hosts hundreds of free food distributions across San Diego County for children, families, seniors, veterans, and military families in need of food assistance.

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About Feeding San Diego

Before COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of people in San Diego County faced hunger.

Now that need has increased by 50% as COVID has deepened the crisis.

By rescuing surplus food, Feeding San Diego provides more than 31.2 million meals a year to people facing hunger. That means:

  • Helping more kids succeed in school
  • Helping families stay in their homes
  • Helping more heroes serve their country without worrying about their families back home
  • Helping more seniors retire with dignity

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Our Impact


Last year, Feeding San Diego provided more than 31.2 million meals to people facing hunger in partnership with more than 320 local community partners


By diverting more than 27.6 million pounds from the landfill, we waved 24,57i metric tons of CO2 equivalent from being emitted into the atmosphere


Our impact is achieved through the strength of our network: 10,000 volunteers, 19,300 donors, more than 55 staff, 320 community distribution partners, 600 food rescue locations in San Diego County and over 225 farms and packaging sheds throughout California. Every action counts!

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Community Voices

Yasuyo, US Navy

"My daughter would usually eat the free school meals, but now that kids are at home, I need to make sure she's eating nutritious food. It's great that Feeding San Diego is helping the Armed Services. Thank you so much for supporting us during this difficult time."

Mary, Retired

“My husband and I are on food stamps; we are managing on social security, but it’s very hard for us to make ends meet. This program helps us get vegetables, fresh fruits, and things that are luxurious to buy in the stores. We eat healthier now. I have seen people get better, live longer lives because they have fresh foods to eat.”

Greg, Disabled Veteran and ICU Nurse

“My food bill has tripled. I’m a single Dad and since the pandemic, I’ve been cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can’t afford the increase in expenses, so this distribution has been invaluable for us. We've come to depend on it this summer. It’s honestly fed us, that’s not an understatement."

Rosalin, Parent

"My son is disabled so he needs a lot of help. With everyone at home right now, it’s very hard for me. At this distribution, I can get everything I need – lunch, dinners, and spare food for later. It’s so great that people care. A lot of people need help right now and this distribution is so good. I appreciate all the volunteers helping here, tell your supporters they have good hearts. Bless them. Thank you very, very much for your donations! You are helping children and families.”

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Feeding San Diego
9477 Waples Street, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121
Federal tax ID: 26-0457477

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