Free Consulting Calls

Struggling with a specific challenge around your website, content strategy, revenue paths, etc? Want to see if a certain new platform or tool is right for your team's workflow and goals? Or just want a sanity check when considering another vendor's pitch?

We’d love to chat. Our team at Common People believe mutual aid and looking out for each other is the way to go. So we dedicate a limited number of free consulting calls to people doing good.

What you get:

  • 15-30 minutes to get free, expert opinions on your most pressing digital challenges.
  • Recording of our chat to refer to later (or share with your team).
  • Maybe some follow-up resources sent your way.

What we get:

  • Good vibes. We like helping people.
  • A chance to connect to someone doing rad work (the downside of remote work is you have to create opportunities to meet people).
  • Better understanding of what kinds of potential challenges people like you are facing.

Some important details

  • All calls happen over Zoom.
  • This isn’t a secret pitch – if you want to talk about business with us, we’ll book a separate call so there’s no awkward pressure. (We hate that “When is the shoe going to drop?” feeling.)
  • We won’t follow-up forever and call you six times a day afterwards. Not only is that behavior sociopathic, it’s ineffective. (We don’t want to work with anything who needs to be manipulated into partnering with us… and again, this isn’t a sales call find disguise, anyway.)
  • While your call remains totally confidential, we probably won’t have time to do a full audit into your analytics, customer journeys, etc. This is meant to be high-level chat that will help you figure out the best next steps for your goals, resources, and preferences.

Find a time on our calendar below. You’ll get a calendar invite and Zoom link when you confirm a time.