Give without compromise

Mutual aid that gets into the hands of those who need help. No private jets, shell company nonsense, or megachurch bloat allowed.

What if you could exploit the same loopholes that jerks use to avoid taxes, except you actually used the extra cash to, you know, help people who actually need it?

Provide Aid, Get a Receipt, Write it Off, and Do Some Good

(All while feeling confident your aid is actually going to the people you thought you were sending it to the entire time.)

“Yikes, are nonprofits a scam?”


And let’s not forget the gold-adorned megapastors who insist the widow must give up her last mite… while also insisting his wealth is a sign of God’s favor.

So when those of us who want to do the right thing find out on average, only 65 cents of every charitable donation dollar actually goes to charity, we’re a bit miffed.

Righteously indignant, one could say. 

And when we find out that many leading charities only spend 10% of their donations on their cause, we’re mad

But we’re mad enough to do something about it.

We provide the closest thing to handing out cash we legally can.

We’re taking on the traditional nonprofit game and providing assistance with a twist. Our goal is to keep administrative costs wayyyyyy low – getting expenses as close to zero as possible. This puts the rest towards charitable work and in the hands of those who need it. Rent assistance, moving expenses, grocery gift cards – whatever someone needs, we’ll do our best.*

But we’re not just about getting the job done. We understand that when people’s physical needs are met, they have the time and energy to fight for a better world. That’s why we’re not just providing aid, we’re subverting power.

* Unfortunately, the IRS won’t let us just give cash away to people without burdening them with paperwork or a personal income tax burden. So we take our cash and turn them into in-kind donations. If someone needs groceries, we’ll provide a gift card. If someone needs rental assistance or a room for a night, we’ll send payment directly to the landlord/hotel. But you still get all the benefits of that annual donation receipt, and the individual seeking help still gets the help they need.

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And many, many more.

How Much Can You Help Today?

For many of us, $100 or more means a lot less than it does to someone facing hunger. And we’re big believers in the law of the tithe.


Monthly: Ongoing Good

A small monthly subscription donation that gets you awesome gifts provided by partners. You wouldn't hesitate to sign up for another Disney+, so why not somehting you can actually write off?

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One-Time: Make an Impact

Sometimes all people need to get ahead is just a little bit of breathing room. Help someone catch their breath.

Large Gift: Foundational Support

We're happy to work with corporate, institutional, and individual donors who want to provide large gifts. Let's chat.

Coming Soon

We’re currently wrapping up a bit of paperwork at the bank, but we’ll have donations (and thank-you gifts for donors) available soon. Sign up below if you want to stay in touch!

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You know the drill: we’d like to stay in touch. If you’re someone who wants to start diverting charitable funds from those exploiting the system into the hands of those who need it, we should be friends.