Increase Your Copy's Conversions

We combine your copy with memorable, clean design and the right tech to maximize conversions. That means more revenue, more customers, and more profits.

We combine your copy with memorable, clean design and the right tech to maximize conversions. That means more revenue, more customers, and more profits.



Is Your Copy Underperforming... and You Don't Even Know It?

On its own, copy can be powerful. Just look at the long history of print sales letters.

But when you’re reaching customers online, there’s so much more to consider.

  • What are the stages in your buyer’s journey?
  • Are there design patterns or conventions they’re used to seeing?
  • Does your design accidentally drive away potential customers?

Unless you’re combining your copy with the right design and tech, your copy is underperforming.

94% of First Impressions Are Design-related*

Which means ugly, unprofessional design can make your audience bounce before they even read a word of copy. But…

Copy Is 2x As Influential As Design in Why Visitors Convert*

This means that in order to keep visitors on your landing pages, sales pages, and other web assets… you need to combine copy and design.

That’s where we come in.

Make Your Copy Perform Better With Our Conversion Design

At Common People, we blend a weird mix of skills in our workshop to make make your copy convert like never before. 

The High-converting Copywriter's Go-to Tech & Design Team

We’ve served many different industries, client types, and sizes, all with a focus on helping our partner clients achieve their business goals.

…Plus plenty more not listed here.
(We’ve done this a lot.)

Our Custom Websites Combine Clean Design, Sharp Messaging, and Smart Web Tech to Grow Your Impact

We build custom, conversion-designed websites from the ground up around YOUR copy. (No one-size-fits-awkward templates.) 

Have a Website?

Launch Design & Dev for Copywriters

Are you a copywriter launching a product, service, or course? We'll bring your copy to life with design and development packages.

57-point Conversion Design Audit

Get a video and written report showing you specific, actionable ways to get more results from your site.

Content Strategy Consulting

Wrangle your content into a focused, research-based experience.

Help Center Help

Transform your dull, underperforming help center into a marketing and customer retention-boosting machine.

Need a Website?

Profitable One-Page Websites

Get ready to grow, fast. One-page websites are the perfect sales tool for growing businesses.

Sales Pages & Landing Pages

Create the sales page for your latest and greatest offer. Offering copy, design, and development. Projects customized to your needs.

Paid Newsletter In-a-Box

Want to have your own paid newsletter set up for a flat rate? Skip the 10% transaction fees and get predictable costs.

No matter what, every project begins with a conversion design audit. (Don’t worry – the cost of an audit gets applied to any website project going forward.)

We Proudly Build with WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify, and We Work with Most Frameworks and Builders*

And of course, HTML/CSS.

*But not Clickfunnels.

Team Certifications

We're bonafide.

We’re a Lean Web Design Studio Specializing in Building Conversion-focused Web Experiences

Every project begins by asking, “What are your goals?

Then we design an experience that leads visitor segments through the messaging they need to see in order to understand how your brand benefits them.

Your message is more than words – it’s also the visual design and technical experience contributing to how you tell your brand story.

Each design decision – from color palettes to website style down to microcopy and layout – is made with your business’s bottom line in mind.

But that doesn’t mean we sacrifice form for function. Instead, we believe the highest performing websites combine data-driven decision-making with art. This leaves visitors delighted… and creates an experience they’re more likely to share, thus amplifying your brand’s reach through the network effect.

Rather than following traditional agency models, Common People assembles teams on a project basis.

This means you get the best-fit designers, developers, and other creative professionals for your project’s unique needs.

Here's Who Runs This Show

Photo of Mika and Matt Hall

Mika Hall

Account Services

Matt Hall, MBA

Messaging Strategy
Web Development

Kind Words from Nice People

"Matt understands design at a deeper level than most. It's not just about pretty layouts and fancy colors—but as a copywriter, he knows to make it convert. His understanding of messaging hierarchy is the perfect compliment to design, and the page he created elevated all the right components."
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copy
"Matt jumped in to save the day when my launch was about to crash and burn. He researched the options, knew what to do, and then just... did it. He got things done without having to be chased or asked. He was considerate of the bigger picture and excited about being part of my success. I left feeling great about him as a person, and a professional."
Joel Klettke
Case Study Buddy
"Matt has solved SO MANY niggling little tech/design problems in my business, from coding web pages to designing a beautiful sales page and making tech platforms talk to each other. The breadth and application of his knowledge blows my mind, and I think of him as the glue any business needs."'
Kirsty Fanton
Business Badassery
"Being able to work with someone that is trying to find out about us, and who is not trying to tell me what we are. The Halls are extremely personable and easy to work with. That does not mean they are a pushover! Matt & Mika take pride in their work and will tell you what they think is the best for your business. If you have the opportunity to work with Matt & Mika Hall, take it."
David Furse
Cranky's Restaurant
"Matt helped a fledgling website owner/start up blogger get out on the web with an efficient website. His video walkthrough is such a great help! I can always refer to it when I need ideas to update or change my website."
Scott Munns
Owner, Darkshot Coffee
"I asked Matt if he'd mind casting an eye over a website for a tech-based client of mine, because I frankly felt out of my depth at the time. In a few swift, precise and supremely direction-changing minutes, Matt reviewed the website – and suggested changes that could literally result in tens of thousands of dollars in new business overnight. He totally over-delivered, because that's what he does. Matt is a freakin superhero."
Gin Walker
Copy Consultant to the Stars

Ready to Work Together? Here's What to Expect.

Every website project begins with an audit. If we move forward, the full cost of the audit gets applied to your website project. We work best if you’ve already identified measurable goals for your website (we can help with this if you’re not there yet).

If this sounds good, then let’s get started!

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