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Kickstart Your 2022 Momentum with Quick Fixes

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As my therapist puts it, “the last two years have been hell.” #understatement

We feel that – we couldn’t really even write copy for nearly 15 months due to, like, societal collapse.

We’ve turned down a lot of work since March 2020.

Sometimes we straight up said, “Not right now, but lemme find you someone.”


Other times, we just didn’t have the energy to respond:

Me, in my head: “Nope, I don’t do this kind of work right now.”

Me, in my response email: “…”

All throughout the pandemic:

“Hey Common People, are you still writing copy?”

“Can I still get some of that bangin’ Common People content?”

“When can you write for me again?”

And the answer was, “Ahhhhhhhh not a great time, check back later.

But it's later. And now we're going all John Wick as we start 2022.

The part where he’s back. Not the, um, “other” parts.

So yeah, we’re back. 

And we’ve got all of the high-engagement, high-subject matter expertise copy and content you’ve been asking about.

That’s not all. We’re rampaging through our services and ruthlessly double-tapping every service package we can. All to stay laser-focused on our mission:

Our Mission:

Take back tech. Stick it to the man by helping everyday business owners (like you) find freedom & fulfillment on their OWN terms through building profitable audience relationships online.

And that begins… with your website.

It's "That Time" to Eliminate Your Tech Issues and Prep for New Client Work...

The New Year is right around the corner. 🎉  And so are those juicy corporate budgets. 🤑🤑🤑

Which means any copywriter, designer, consultant, coach, or other client-facing business should be methodically prepping NOW.

When January 15  arrives, and these clients all have an entire fiscal year’s worth of cash to spend, it’s open season… or it would be, if you were ready. Because…

...Right Now, You're Too Distracted to Give New Opportunities the Energy They Deserve

Because you’re distracted – at least in part – by the annoying tech problem you haven’t quite been able to fix.

Maybe your email autoresponder isn't working right.

(Your clients can feel that fear, too – but they interpret it as unprofessionalism instead of website anxiety)

Maybe your opt-in forms are broken.

(Hard to build your audience when no one can sign-up!)

Maybe there's a button on your website that's the wrong color or shape.

(Oohh, how awkward! It's like wearing white socks with black pants!)

In my headcanon, Carl Winslow is just the cop from Die Hard with a new witness protection identity.

Whatever your issues are… they’re keeping you from giving 100% focus to landing the high-paying, perfect-fit clients you deserve.

Now compare that embarrassment to how you’ll feel when your embarrassing website issues are fixed.

You’ll be confident and excited to go land bigger, better, more profitable contracts. And when clients can feel that confidence, working with you will be an easy “yes.”

So let’s get you there. 

Think You Can Keep Ignoring or Explaining Away the Bugs? (You Already Know the Answer to This.)

Every tiny bit of energy and focus you spend explaining away website issues, or poorly-formatted emails, or broken forms takes away from your confidence.

As everyone in client services knows, how confident you feel is a huge predictor of your success:

  • That’s why some confident newbies seem to explode onto the scene, growing their businesses faster than should be possible…
  • …While experienced pros still struggle to “finally get ahead” even though they’ve got the talent and receipts to charge top-tier rates.

And generally, better rates = better clients.

$500 client versus $5000 client

But in THIS economy, keeping your confidence up is a full-time job.

From Twitter doomscrolling to news about this week’s variant to whichever country is closing its borders and ruining travel plans (yet again), there’s so, so much chipping away at our confidence.

24/7, neverending news cycle, constant injections of fear straight to the brain.

(All by design, of course, but you know that. And it’s why you work for yourself instead of hoping a boss will take care of you.)

This means that every tiny drop of confidence and “I’m awesome enough to charge what I’m worth” sauce matters. 

So look, let’s keep you feeling confident.

Let’s eliminate the words “Sorry I’m in the middle of fixing this” from your client-convo-vocabulary. 

Let’s make it so that you can stop apologizing and start saying, “The next step is to sign a contract – what’s your best email?”

"Just Get It Done" with a Quick Fix

Not only are these annoying website issues a drain on energy, they’re time-consuming. 

When you’ve got some annoying tech issue, you don’t want to spend hours trying to diagnose, solve, and test it… especially when you’d rather be enjoying family time.

So let us handle it instead.

But It Gets Even BETTER

Now, through January 4, when you hire Common People for a Quick Fix, we'll throw in one of our 57-Point Video Audits.

With this bonus, we won’t just fix your thing. We’ll also point out other ideas to improve your site’s conversions, speed, and overall performance.

Order a quick fix before January 4 and you’ll get a video walkthrough with:

  • A 57-point audit worksheet showing what’s working well and where you can improve
  • Detailed instructions on how to implement fixes for the issues we find
  • A fair cost estimate for what you can expect to pay to fix the issues identified (whether you hire us to do it or not)

It’s a heckuva deal and a great way to start 2022.

We're charging $997 for these audits starting January 1. But if you order a Quick Fix, you'll get this value for FREE.

Before You Go...

If you need to get something “fixed” but haven’t had the time, we built our new Quick Fix just for you

Get website issues, tech troubles, and even messaging frustrations resolved quickly for a low, affordable price… and by a team that actually gets what matters for your business.

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