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Unlimited basic tech support and web development retainer services designed for creative entrepreneurs
– just $350 $250 for one month

“Most of the people who need this won’t know they need it until it’s too late.”

That’s what a big-deal creative entrepreneur told me recently. And he’s right.

Creative entrepreneurs – like copywriters, coaches, graphic designers, and others – didn’t go into business to mess with their websites.

So when something goes wrong, a small tech problem that could have been simple suddenly becomes…

  • Expensive
  • Hyper stressful
  • Much more complicated

(Seriously, how many times have you heard someone post, “We’re launching tomorrow and my site broke! Know anyone that can help?”)

Now you can get web development when you need it… at an incredibly affordable rate

After spending years as a copywriter and building websites, I’ve helped dozens of top copywriters, coaches, and other creative entrepreneurs fix their sites.

Some examples include:

  • Rebuilding Joel Klettke’s landing page the night before a big launch (which helped him place a nice down payment on a new house)
  • Completely rebuilding Paid Search Magic’s website for Amy and James Hebdon (which a previous developer had left in total “garbage fire” status)
  • Helping Linda Perry finish a landing page when her designer had a family emergency
  • Working with Justin Blackman to migrate email contacts from one provider to another

Most of these people contact me when their stress levels are at an 11.

And then… I fix it.

I’m now offering a new service that lets you get the tech support and development services you need.

It’s like “website insurance” so that if anything major breaks, I’ll fix it! 

And as a bonus, you’ll also get launch testing, “this quick thing,” and discounts on bigger projects.

Here’s what you get when you become a creative tech support customer:

Fix-it Fast Website Insurance

If something on your website breaks, I’ll fix it ASAP – even overnight, even if I didn’t build it, even if it needs to be rebuilt like in the examples above. (That includes the tedious, awful, no-good time sink of dealing with your hosting’s customer support.)

Launch Testing

I’ll go through your launch funnel before the big day and make sure everything actually works. (And if something’s broken, I’ll fix it!)

“Can you do this quick thing?”

Need a blog post published? Or some button color changed? Or other “quick thing” like that? That’s included for creative tech support customers at no cost. This may include:

  • Publishing blog posts
  • Making edits to existing pages
  • Small CSS edits

And if you need something bigger than a “quick thing”, good news! You get…

Discounts on Bigger Projects

If you ever need a bigger project – such as a new page template developed, functionality added to your site, or even a completely new site – you’ll get a 10% discount for being a creative tech support customer.

How it Works

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a special form link. You can use this form to report anything that’s wrong with your site, or something you need changed, or… whatever it is!

Then I’ll reach out and get your thing fixed.

(You can also email me, FB Messenger me, text me… etc. The point is this makes it easy to get your site “fixed.”)

How Much Can This Possibly Cost?

As an experiment, I’m starting this service at an affordable $250/mo for the first 5 people who sign up. After 5 signups, it’ll jump to $350/mo (or maybe higher, depending on how this goes).

Or, it’s just $2,500 for an entire year (save 17%!), paid in advance.

For reference, an emergency overnight rebuild of your website/launch funnel can cost between $3,000 to $6,000. Even at $350/mo, you’re getting great value.

Some important terms:

  • You will always have a 90-day notice if I change the service cost or terms, and annual customers are locked in until their next annual renewal
  • If your requests are a bit out of scope (like if you have a “quick change” that’s actually building an entirely new landing page), I’ll chat about how we can apply your monthly fee towards making the change at a discounted rate
  • Everything assumes you and I are acting in good faith – anyone trying to pull a fast one will be promptly refunded and have their service cancelled

How to Sign Up

Ready to finally put your mind (and website) at ease? Fill out the form below to sign up for best value annual payment plan: 1 year for only $3000 $2500.

(Looking for the $350 $250 monthly payment option? Click here.)

After you sign up, you’ll fill out an onboarding worksheet and a team member will reach out to schedule a welcome call. Then we’ll share our top-secret, top-priority tech support form.

We make it that easy so you can focus on the work you’re meant to do… not tech.