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As a small business owner or solopreneur, managing your online presence can be a constant source of frustration. You’re juggling multiple vendors for web design, graphic design, tech support, SEO, and more. This way (the old way) feels fragmented, chatoric, and time-consuming.

Now, picture the simplicity of having all your digital needs handled by one dedicated team.

Personal Touch Web Support by Common People offers an all-in-one solution that simplifies everything. We provide comprehensive website maintenance, graphic design, tech support, and more—all in one place.

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We do more than implement – we provide strategic guidance to make sure you’re making the right choices for your business. Then we bend over backward to make managing your tech, messaging, and tasks simple.

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What we've done for our clients

Explore the variety of tasks we’ve successfully completed for our clients:

Created a Custom AI Chatbot to reduce support emails

Guided customers to the perfect content, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Cut down admin time with an Intuitive E-Commerce backend

Improved user experience and freed time to improve the customer experience.

Completely handle website management

Plugin updates, fixing issues, and managing integrations so our clients don't even have to think about it.

Automated newsletter content to save 20 hours/week

Used AI to find the week’s relevant content for our clients’ audience, then built a custom engine to sort and score each article to only include the most relevant.

Created a one-click form to generate personalized email sequences

Built a sales sequence generator that created on-brand, custom email sequences for a sales team based on their target’s name, promotional angle, and other notes.

Added new, custom features to a client’s platform

Moved customer data to a custom database so automations like Zapier and ActiveCampaign could be used and added additional functionality to platforms that don’t support it natively.

Improved student churn by migrating to a better course platform

Helped a client structure their content so it was ready to go on a new platform.

Optimized Website Speed and Performance

Increased user retention and improved search engine rankings.

See how Common People delivers premium strategic implementation

Integrated Services

Enjoy comprehensive website maintenance, graphic design, and tech support—all in one place.

Priority Service

Receive top priority with faster turnaround times and immediate support.

Ongoing Improvements

Benefit from continuous updates and optimizations for better performance and user experience.

Flexible and Scalable Services

Adapt seamlessly as your business grows and your needs change.

Expert Guidance

Access ongoing expertise, advice, and strategic input from our dedicated team.

Consistent Quality

Maintain a professional and polished online presence at all times.

Predictable Cost

Budget with confidence, knowing exactly what you'll pay each month.

Reduced Downtime

Prevent issues before they arise with regular maintenance and updates.

Time Savings

Focus on your core business while we handle your digital needs efficiently.

Get an Always-Improving Digital Strategy

But that’s not all. With Personal Touch Web Support, you’re not just getting technical and design services—you’re getting a strategic partner dedicated to your growth. Our experienced senior UX team offers:

Imagine having an advisor and implementer who not only supports your current needs but also guides your digital strategy for future growth. Is there a new tool or platform that would help you hit your goals faster? A way to cut down on more manual work? Messaging shifts to reach more customers? We’ll be your extra pair of ears and eyes to find, share, and implement these improvements.

No headaches, no stress—just a seamless partnership that helps you focus on what you do best.

Add-on: Free Even More Time with Unlimited VA Tasks

With our Advanced Package, you get unlimited virtual assistant (VA) tasks. Imagine how much more you can accomplish with dedicated support for:

Administrative Tasks

Free up your time by offloading scheduling, email management, and more.

Customer Service

Enhance customer satisfaction with prompt, professional support.

Research and Data Entry

Get accurate, timely information without the hassle.

Add-on: Get Unlimited Graphic Design Support

In the All-Inclusive Package, we offer unlimited graphic design tasks. Enhance your brand with professional design services that include:

Social Media Images

Stand out with unique visuals tailored to your brand.

Custom Graphics

Engage your audience with eye-catching social media content.

Banners and Ads

Create compelling advertisements that capture attention.

Flexible Packages to Meet Your Needs

We understand that every business has unique needs, so we offer tiered pricing to fit your specific requirements:










Strategic Tech Support:
Define what this is and how it benefits.

Tech Implementation:
Also we’ll do the work.

Unlimited VA Tasks:
Additional support for administrative tasks, scheduling, customer service, and more.

Unlimited Graphic Design Tasks:
Custom graphics, social media images, banners, and more.

Messaging Services:
Content creation, copywriting, and messaging support.

Ready for a Smoother Online Experience?

Don’t let website management stress you out. Let Personal Touch Web Support by Common People handle everything while you concentrate on your core business activities.

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Personal Touch Web Support has been a game-changer for our business. The peace of mind and time savings alone are worth every penny.”

Personal Touch Web Support has been a game-changer for our business. The peace of mind and time savings alone are worth every penny.”

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