Quick Fixes

Get Your Tasks Done – Fast – And Focus on the Big Picture

Finally mark those pesky design, tech, and messaging issues "complete"... so your client-facing business can spend more time on what matters most

Or buy now one to use at a later time


Become a more confident, "I have it together" client-facing business owner in 2022 with a tech Quick Fix.

Easy low price! Close more deals! Get that satisfying feeling of crossing another thing off your todo list!

All performed by a team that actually understands the “why” and “how” of your business!

It's "That Time" to Eliminate Your Tech Issues and Prep for New Client Work...

Your next sales call is right around the corner. 🎉  And so are those juicy 2022 gigs. (Helloooo 2022 fiscal year budgets!) 🤑🤑🤑

Which means every coach, copywriter, designer, consultant, and other client-facing business should be prepping NOW.

Are You Too Distracted to Give New Opportunities the Energy They Deserve?

Maybe you’re distracted – at least in part – by the annoying website, tech, or design problem you haven’t quite been able to fix.

Maybe your email autoresponder isn't working right.

(Your clients can feel that fear, too – but they interpret it as unprofessionalism instead of website anxiety)

Maybe your opt-in forms are broken.

(Hard to build your audience when no one can sign-up!)

Maybe there's a button on your website that's the wrong color or shape.

(Oohh, how awkward! It's like wearing white socks with black pants!)

In my headcanon, Carl Winslow is just the cop from Die Hard with a new witness protection identity.

Whatever your issues are… they’re keeping you from giving 100% focus to landing the high-paying, perfect-fit clients you deserve.

Now imagine having all of them done, completely off your plate, totally taken care of.

You’ll be confident and excited to go land bigger, better, more profitable contracts. And when clients can feel that confidence, working with you will be an easy “yes.”

Good clients lead to more good clients. You’ll have the time, resources, and energy to focus on working with those who are the perfect fit.

$500 client versus $5000 client

So let’s eliminate the words “Sorry I’m in the middle of fixing this” from your client-convo-vocabulary. 

Or remove that, “I just woke up feeling overwhelmed at how many things I’ve been meaning to do but can’t seem to get to” feeling from your life.

Instead, let’s fix those issues.

Let’s make your 2022 filled with less “Ugh I just remembered something else I’ve been putting off”. . .

. . . And more “Great chat – where should I send the contract and invoice for this new gig?”

Our Quick Fixes Cover a Big Pile of Potential Issues Taking up Your Time, Attention, and Energy (Instead of Letting You Just Focus on What Matters Most: Creating and Connecting with Your Audience)

One Quick Fix includes up to 3 Small Tasks or 1 Big Task

Small Tasks (3/Quick Fix)


Copy & Content

Web Development

Tools & Performance

Big Tasks (1/Quick Fix)


Copy & Content

Tools & Performance

Web Development

...And More! Just Inquire about Tasks You Don't See Listed Here.

You'll never again need to ask,

"Can't Someone Else Do It?"

Where have I heard this before?

Yes, someone else can do it. And that someone is the intrepid, multi-talented team at Common People Web Design.

How This Screamin' Deal Works

It’s simple, fast, and convenient.

Really, it’s that simple. Because you’ve got enough on your mind.

But It Gets Even BETTER

Now, through January 14, when you hire Common People for a Quick Fix, we'll throw in one of our 57-Point Video Audits.

With this bonus, we won’t just fix your thing. We’ll also point out other ideas to improve your site’s conversions, speed, and overall performance.

Order a quick fix before January 4 and you’ll get a video walkthrough with:

  • A 57-point audit worksheet showing what’s working well and where you can improve
  • Detailed instructions on how to implement fixes for the issues we find
  • A fair cost estimate for what you can expect to pay to fix the issues identified (whether you hire us to do it or not)

It’s a heckuva deal and a great way to start 2022.

We're charging $997 for these audits starting January 1. But if you order a Quick Fix, you'll get this value for FREE.


Good question! A “Quick Fix” means something that’s too small for full project. 

It wouldn’t make sense to hunt down a developer/design just to change a background image, or update what happens when people sign up for your email newsletter, or one of many, many possible tasks.

The goal here is to make it easy for you to finally get those little tasks off your to-do list.

We want this to be a good value for you. So obviously, if your Quick Fix is one tiny task (“Can you change my link colors from blue to green?”), you can totally include additional fixes and still count as one “job.” 

When you book your Quick Fix, we’ll discuss what you need done and how much we can include in a single fix.

Some projects are just too big to execute well for only $500. These include:

  • Building out sales pages or long assets based on existing designs (we require more time for thorough testing than a Quick Fix allows)
  • Building a new website from scratch (again, design and discovery takes more time than that)
  • etc.

Look, you’re smart. We respect your intelligence and hope you respect ours. If there’s any question about whether something is included, send us a message or bring it up during our onboarding call.

Contact us to inquire about these services.

Sure thing! Let’s discuss your total scope when we have our initial chat about your first Quick Fix.


  1. You check out via Calendly and pick a time for us to chat.
  2. During this chat, we identify your issues, start to diagnose, and list out each of the logins we’ll need to fix everything.
  3. If it turns out that this is a bigger project than anticipated, we’ll either give you a refund or provide a fair estimate and apply what you’ve paid as a deposit – totally your choice, no pressure or obligation.
  4. Once your issues are fixed, we’ll send you an email! We’ll also confirm that we’ve revoked access to your logins just in the interest of cybersecurity.

It’s meant to be a convenient, fast, affordable way to just get your site in order. All so you can stop worrying about what’s broken and feel totally confident about the year ahead.

Yes, if we don’t fix the things we say we’ll fix, we’ll return your money. 

It all depends on what you need done, how quickly we can have our kickoff call, and how complicated your setup is. 

If we’ve worked on your site before, it’s likely that we’ll be done even faster since we already know what to expect under the hood.

If you’re a new client and have an, erm, “unique” setup, it might take a bit longer.

We’re well-versed in WordPress, Kajabi, Webflow, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, etc. And we’re familiar with key tools and themes used by the top people in our space like Elementor, Divi, and others.

On the email side, we’re regularly working in ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc. 

If you have a platform or tool not listed above, let’s still chat! We’re fast learners.

What Smart People Say About Our Work

"Matt understands design at a deeper level than most. It's not just about pretty layouts and fancy colors—but as a copywriter, he knows to make it convert. His understanding of messaging hierarchy is the perfect compliment to design, and the page he created elevated all the right components."
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copy
"Matt jumped in to save the day when my launch was about to crash and burn. He researched the options, knew what to do, and then just... did it. He got things done without having to be chased or asked. He was considerate of the bigger picture and excited about being part of my success. I left feeling great about him as a person, and a professional."
Joel Klettke
Case Study Buddy
"Matt has solved SO MANY niggling little tech/design problems in my business, from coding web pages to designing a beautiful sales page and making tech platforms talk to each other. The breadth and application of his knowledge blows my mind, and I think of him as the glue any business needs."'
Kirsty Fanton
Business Badassery