Quick Fixes

Flat-Rate Solutions for Tech Problems

We'll take care of the tech – fast – so you can keep creating. Flat-rate fixes performed by experts. Money-back guarantee.

Over 13 Years' Experience Working on Sites Like Yours

"They jumped in to save the day when my launch was about to crash and burn. They researched the options, knew what to do, and then just... did it. They got things done without having to be chased or asked. They were considerate of the bigger picture and excited about being part of my success. I left feeling great."
Joel Klettke
Case Study Buddy
"They have solved SO MANY niggling little tech/design problems in my business, from coding web pages to designing a beautiful sales page and making tech platforms talk to each other. The breadth and application of their knowledge blows my mind, and I think of them as the glue any business needs."'
Kirsty Fanton
Business Badassery
"They understand design at a deeper level than most. It's not just about pretty layouts and fancy colors—but as a copywriter, they knows to make it convert. Their understanding of messaging hierarchy is the perfect compliment to design, and the page they created elevated all the right components."
Justin Blackman
Brand Ventriloquist™

Improve What Matters Most

Design Adjustments​

Enhance your site's appeal and message clarity without the overhead.

Tech Upgrades & Improvements​

From performance issues to automation setups, we tackle the technical so you can focus on strategy.

Performance Boosts​

Improve user experience and backend operations, making your digital assets work harder for you.

How We'll Fix Your Marketing Tech – Fast

1. Listen to Your Needs

We’ll kickoff our fix with a quick chat so we understand what to do. How does your tech support your goals? And what’s getting in the way?

2. Get to Know Your Site

If we need access to your site or tools, we’ll walk you through securely sharing temporary logins. We’ll also make sure that our fixes don’t accidentally break something new along the way.

3. Deliver Your Fix

We get to work, performing your task and getting results without delay.

Fixes are typically delivered within 2 business days (though if something will take longer, we’ll let you know upfront).

Risk-Free Fixes

We’ll work hard to implement your fix as you request. But if we can’t do it for whatever reason, we’ll gracefully bow out and give you a full, hassle-free refund.

(In fact, we require the kickoff chat to double-check we’re the right for your needs, tech stack, and timeline!)

At Common People, we respect our clients. It’s not our policy to waste your time or ours.

Examples of Quick Fixes

Great for Any Time

Frequent Platforms for Fixes

Recommended Monthly

Recommended Quarterly

Recommended Annually


Good question! A “Quick Fix” means something that’s too small for full project. 

It wouldn’t make sense to hunt down a developer/design just to change a background image, or update what happens when people sign up for your email newsletter, or one of many, many possible tasks.

The goal here is to make it easy for you to finally get those little tasks off your to-do list.

Up to three small tasks or one bigger task. We’ll confirm scope on our kickoff call.

Timing varies based on task complexity and current queue, but we will always aim for rapid turnaround. Typically we’re looking at 2 business days from when we have access to your site, but in many cases it’s been faster.

Some projects are just too big to execute well as a quick fix. This would include something like building out sales pages or long assets based on existing designs. (This requires more time for thorough testing than a Quick Fix allows.)

If there’s any question about whether something is included, send us a message or bring it up during our onboarding call.

Sure thing! Let’s discuss your total scope when we have our initial chat about your first Quick Fix.


  1. You check out via Calendly and pick a time for us to chat.
  2. During this chat, we identify your issues, start to diagnose, and list out each of the logins we’ll need to fix everything.
  3. If it turns out that this is a bigger project than anticipated, we’ll either give you a refund or provide a fair estimate and apply what you’ve paid as a deposit – totally your choice, no pressure or obligation.
  4. Once your issues are fixed, we’ll send you an email! We’ll also confirm that we’ve revoked access to your logins just in the interest of cybersecurity.

It’s meant to be a convenient, fast, affordable way to just get your site in order. All so you can stop worrying about what’s broken and feel totally confident about the year ahead.

Yes! If we can’t deliver your fix for any reason, we’ll give you a hassle-free 100% refund.

It all depends on what you need done, how quickly we can have our kickoff call, and how complicated your setup is. 

If we’ve worked on your site before, it’s likely that we’ll be done even faster since we already know what to expect under the hood.

If you’re a new client and have an, erm, “unique” setup, it might take a bit longer.

We’re well-versed in WordPress, Kajabi, Webflow, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, etc. And we’re familiar with key tools and themes used by the top people in our space like Elementor, Divi, and others.

On the email side, we’re regularly working in ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc. 

If you have a platform or tool not listed above, let’s still chat! We’re fast learners.