Maker Masterclass Bonus Extras

Maker Masterclass Bonus Extras

Some decent extras for your time. Please keep these in the group. 🤗

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Goofy stuff Matt made

Download the slides.

Other Places to Learn (I absolutely adore Laura Elizabeth’s work, and her course is awesome and opening again soon.) (Nick Disabato is a consulting and conversion rate optimization via design genius.)

Make Money Online (Nick’s podcast with Kai Davis about selling conversion rate optimization design consulting.)

Let’s Make Mistakes (A podcast about design starring Mike Monteiro and Jessie Char, two smart and angry designers who talk about the world through the lens of design.)

Flux (YouTube channel where Ran Segall teaches a lot about running a design business, how to do good design, etc.)

Content Strategists (FB group where lots of content strategy/UX smarties hang out sometimes, although less than before because FB = 👎)

Content + UX Slack and Other Communities (a HUGE Slack workspace where lots and lots of working UX/Content professionals congregate.)

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