Our Process

You’re not hiring us for your vanity.

You’re trying to solve a business problem. Maybe it’s to generate more predictable leads. Or maybe you need to optimize your cost per conversion. Or maybe you want to reduce churn.

Whatever the challenge you’re facing, we’ll take a data-focused approach, adapted for your specific needs.

Every Common People Web Design project begins with a health dose of discovery. We’ll dive into your available metrics and data to understand the best way to tell your brand story with words, visuals, and technology to your ideal customer segments.

As part of our discovery, we’ll:

  • Interview your team
  • Interview your customers
  • Perform a competitor analysis and content audit
  • Perform a technical audit

At the end of this phase, we’ll have a report for your team that details what we found and how you can apply that information to grow your business.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Hypotheses

With the discovery data in hand, we’ll develop hypotheses we can test to achieve your measurable business goals. This may include:

  • Improving your website tech
  • New pre-sales copy and messaging
  • Creating and promoting blog content
  • Implementing an SEO strategy
  • Improve post-signup experiences

Your team will have the opportunity to review and select the CRO test you want to start with.

3. Technical Frameworking (as-needed)

We’re fans of working efficiently. That’s why, if needed, we’ll implement the technology needed to run our conversion rate optimization tests. This includes:

  • Creating templates
  • Installing necessary integrations
  • Adding other technology as needed

This sets up your site for fast testing and optimized user experiences.

4. Testing

Being a conversion-focused team, we can’t get enough user research. It helps us make better decisions and ultimately deliver sites that perform better for businesses like yours.

That’s why, once we’ve set everything up, we’ll test it with real, live humans.

If you already have decent traffic, we’ll let the test run until we have a statistically significant result. And if it turns out we need more data, we’ll recruit user testing participants who reflect your target customer segments. 

This provides qualitative data that informs whether or not we need to revise the user experience.

We’ll also perform a heuristic evaluation of your site, just to catch any possible bugs or UX quirks before launch.

We only run one test at a time in order to minimize sample pollution.

5. Determining the Winner and Moving Forward

Once all of the previous steps are complete, we’ll present our findings to your team in a full walkthrough. We’ll also give you our recommended next tests to continue optimizing your conversion rates.

Finally, we’ll all celebrate with a delicious fruit basket. 🍍🍌🍓🍇

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this cost?

Engagements depend on the size of your problem. If it turns out you need an entire website overhaul, then it’s going to be more expensive than 


Q: What if I already have research? 

Awesome! We’re happy to use that as a starting point. However, it’s critical for us that we get as close to your actual customers as possible. This means talking to your customers directly (ideal!) or the sales team who interacts with them. This allows us to extract specific language and other data your customers use. 


Q: How long does this take? 

We generally work on a quarterly basis. In our experience, it takes about 90 days to see results you can make decisions with… whether it’s a statistically significant conversion rate increase or testing a new inbound content strategy. 

At the end of 90 days, we’ll review and continue working on a new set of hypotheses. (Or you’ll just bask in a big pile of cash, idk.)

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Every website project begins with an audit. If we move forward, the full cost of the audit gets applied to your website project. We work best if you’ve already identified measurable goals for your website (we can help with this if you’re not there yet).

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