Every Day Strategy – Beta Upfront

Every Day Strategy – Beta Upfront

During your first month, we’ll go through a business audit and strategy process that will help guide the rest of our work. This includes:

  • Your perfect client analysis where we’ll quantify which of your clients are your best ones – even ones you may not have realized were such a good fit
  • Your perfect offer development where

Each month, you’ll get the following:

  • Action items for every workday so you don’t have to sit at your computer and wonder what to do today (synced to your calendar of choice)
  • On-demand strategy, tech, and operations advising so you always have someone to turn to when you have a question of any kind
  • Assistance sourcing the solutions your business needs – let our vast network of qualified, conversion-focused VAs, developers, designers, and copywriters make us a “one stop shop” for any solution you need
  • Implementation at a preferred client rate so that you can have the Common People team manage your email newsletter, or social media, or website redesign in a way that feels seamless, easy, and within your budget

By completing your purchase below, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Your card will be charged one-time (today).
  • There are no refunds for work completed.
  • You also agree to provide constructive feedback as part of the beta process.

For any questions, email matt@commonpeople.co