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Sales Don’t Happen During Checkout

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“How to I maximize conversions on my sales page?”

When we’re trying to maximize sales, it’s tempting to focus on optimizing a single page.

How does the checkout form look? Is the button the right color? Should we add a security certificate?

In most cases, these are the wrong questions.

Case in point: Chris Orzechowski’s offer page. It’s sparse at best. Anyone stumbling across this page wouldn’t be converted into a customer at all.

But that’s the point.

The real selling happens…

? in emails…

? in value-driven content…

? in building relationships.

This means your relationship with your customers matters more than on-page optimization.

So where should you spend your time? Testing product/market fit. Optimizing core messaging. Putting content in front of your audience and seeing whether they respond.

Here’s the link to the landing page if you’re interested:

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