Updating Spotio's Website Design

Let's Build on Success

Spotio’s successful trajectory continues with its standout product, sustained growth, and placement on the Inc. 500 list. Now, Spotio is poised to extend its reach beyond door-to-door sales.

In this proposal, we’ll outline how we plan to:

  • Deploy precise messaging for new key segments like corporate sales, spanning sectors such as medical devices to industrial equipment and more.
  • Streamline navigation for an enhanced, intuitive user journey for both B2B and B2C segments.
  • Inject a fresh, contemporary design language while retaining Spotio’s brand essence.

Additionally, we’ll tackle form spam by implementing a robust, Hubspot-compatible solution.

The outcome? A broader audience reach, streamlined user experience, and quality leads, all wrapped up in a modernized, brand-consistent website.

Goals & Objectives


Primary goal: Update website messaging (copy and design) to better reach additional audience segments outside of door-to-door sales. This includes:

  • Creating a clear messaging path for enterprise/corporate sales (ie medical device manufacturers, software solutions providers, commercial real estate, industrial equipment, etc.)
  • Improve navigation to make user journeys for each segment (B2B and B2C) more streamlined and intuitive
  • Updating the design language on the site to feel modern and contemporary without a full redesign

Secondary goal: Mitigate form spam by implementing a better form solution that integrates perfectly with Hubspot


  • Define user journeys for audience segments (B2B sales and B2C sales)
  • Craft messaging for each segment and revise the site’s content, IA, and navigation accordingly
  • Refine and update the website design language
  • Deploy an improved form system that integrates seamlessly with Hubspot 
  • Validate through heuristic analysis and user testing


Upon completion of this project, Spotio will have a refined website that not only reflects its expanding reach but also provides a clear, intuitive journey for each audience segment.

We will apply our existing knowledge of the Spotio website and ecosystem to take the simplest, most efficient approach possible while ensuring the site can be maintained by Spotio’s internal team.

Here’s what we’ll deliver:

  • Updated user journey maps for audience segments
  • Updated navigation menus
  • Updated copy/messaging on key pages for audience segment journeys (est. 3-5 pages needed per segment)
  • Updated motion graphics to reflect core product functionality (est. 3-5 needed)
  • Updated design system components such as the hero section, informational components, callouts, etc. as needed without being a full redesign
  • Implement a new form system with a focus on spam reduction

Data Needed

Good conversion rate optimization requires good data. In order to make the right design and messaging decisions, our team needs access to the following:

  • Website analytics to verify current-state user journeys and most-visited content
  • Voice of customer data (such as surveys, feedback, and interviews) to inform key messaging points
  • Comparable websites or competitor sites to understand industry context for Spotio’s users
  • User testing (which will be conducted during the project) to validate design and messaging decisions with real-world subjects

Note that any existing voice of customer data, analytics, and comparable/competitor websites the Spotio team has are totally fine! We can utilize what you have and go from there.

Timeline & Budget


We anticipate the project will follow a timeline similar to the following:

Week 1 – Set up development environment, review site user data to inform design process

Week 2 – Craft rough messaging for new pages; determine the segment journey approaches to identify motion graphic needs approach for homepage to identify the motion graphics needs, identify design elements to refresh and improve

Week 3 – Refine messaging, storyboards for motion graphics for approval, test alternative form solution, refine design components

Week 4 – Begin deployment of updated design components to staging, run user tests with messaging updates/placeholder graphics

Week 5 – Continue deploying updated design components, refine based on user testing, finalize motion graphics

Week 6 – Finalize content/messaging updates, implement final motion graphics, push staging changes to live, post-launch validation

Week 7 – Create documentation for Spotio team


As per Spotio’s request, here are multiple options based on how the Spotio’s internal resources can be leveraged.

Option 1

Full Design & Dev

The Common People team collaborates with the Spotio team to establish strategy, but all design and development work will be performed by Common People. This requires the least involvement by Spotio’s design/marketing team.


6-7 Weeks*


$9,500.00 USD

Option 2

Partial Design, Full Dev

The Common People team will utilize Spotio’s internal design resources to assist in creating on-page visual assets. Common People will establish visual language guidelines and editorial asset needs, then guide the Spotio team in creating images. All development would still be performed by Common People.


8 Weeks*


$7,000.00 USD

*Timeframe assumes feedback and required information is delivered in a timely manner. All prices in USD.

20% payment due upon project commencement. Additional 20% payments due upon completion of phases 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Next Steps

Ready to Get Started?

If everything sounds good, just hit let Matt know via email (matt@commonpeople.co).

We’ll then rush a statement of work over to your team for the necessary signatures and send an invoice for a deposit. 

We’ll also send over a calendar scheduling link so your team can book an onboarding call when you’re ready.

Thanks for taking the time to review this proposal. We’re excited to build the updated brand site that will help continue Spotio’s growth.


Matt Hall, MBA
Founder, Common People Web Design