Need a website to grow your business to six figures?

Get a simple yet high-powered site to transform your consulting, copywriting, or other creative business from amateur to pro...
...all in 7 days.

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If you've ever said, "I know a professional website would help me land better clients, but I just don't have time," then this is for you.

You don’t need a complicated, overdesigned website to grow your business to six figures and beyond.

A single page will do.

For proof, look at the countless creative professionals (like Common People Web Design co-founder Matt Hall) who use single-page sites to build consulting, copywriting, and other creative businesses…

Empowering them to earn over $100,000 per year.

Year after year.

Now you can join the ranks of true high-earning professionals with a pro website… all in less time and for less cost than you might expect.

A One-Page Website Can Win High-Paying Clients WITHOUT Public Samples, Blog Posts, or Other “Extras”

Worried about “window shopping” clients who won’t think you’re professional enough to command high fees?

The one-page website solves this.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You start a conversation with a prospect
  2. They want to see if you’re legit
  3. You send them a link to your professional one page website, and they love what they see
  4. You get the gig!

From coaching clients to enterprise clients, an attractive, yet simple website will tell prospects you’re the real deal.

In fact, in most cases, a simple website works better than a complex one.

Prospects don’t want to search a dozen pages to decide if you’re worth your time or not. They just want their problem solved now.

If you make it too hard to show that you’re their solution, you won’t get the job. They’ll pick someone else.

With the one page website, you’ll give your prospects everything they need to choose you, all in one place.

How We Deliver a Gorgeous, Results-focused Site (Fast!)

1. Strategic Kickoff Discussion

We'll start by having you tell us all about your business via our Audience Avatar Worksheet. Then we'll have a kickoff

2. Research & Website Draft

Once we know about your business, we'll design and build a live draft of your website – one you can visit in your browser!

3. Real-time Revisions & Launch

Finally, we'll go through your site with you and make revisions live – as you watch! – then launch.

Just $5000 $2500 special early bird pricing!
Only 5 3 remaining at this price!

Designed for Business Growth

We know your business won’t stay at the one page number forever. That’s why we proudly build your website on WordPress with the future in mind.

This means you’ll get your main one-pager most visitors will see. But you’ll also receive customized page templates so you can add more as your business grows.

Additionally, we’ll throw in the following:

  • SEO tools
  • An easy-to-use website builder
  • Marketing functionality
  • Analytics tools

…all to help you meet your measurable business goals.

This helps give your readers one clear, actionable path to take to become your customers.

(Need additional functionality, like the ability to take payments from the website? We can set that up for you, too. Just ask!)

Confident, Professional Positioning for Your Business

The one page website tells them just enough information without losing their attention or interest. It sends a message of confidence and professionalism.

It tells your clients, “I am the one you’ve been looking for. Let’s get to work.”

And best of all, since you’ll get it quickly, you’ll be able to start winning business instead of being paralyzed by your lack of website.

View these samples of our work to see how we consistently bring conversion-focused design to our clients’ sites. (Click on any image to see a full screenshot.)

TalentED Advisors

Education Talent Consulting

Westrick Music Academy

Youth Choir Programs

Santa Clara Law

Higher Education

Because Learning

Education SaaS Startup


Real Estate Rentals

(Site No Longer Active)


Crypto Real Estate

and have it done in a week.

Warning before you order: this isn’t for everyone.

The one page website requires a partnership between our team and you. If you’re not seriously willing to do the following, then this isn’t going to be a good fit.

  • Fill out our onboarding worksheet, which helps us know your business inside and out
  • Provide a decent, professional-looking photo to show clients you’re serious
  • Help choose a color palette so your site feels like “you”
  • Give prompt feedback on design choices so your site launches faster

If you’re willing to do everything above, great! We’ll be a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is, one that will help your business grow to six-figures and beyond. Here are some of the things that set us apart:

  • We don’t use templates. We start every project with a blank slate and determine what layouts, fonts, colors and other elements would best share your message.
  • We’re faster and more efficient than expensive agencies. An agency would likely charge 6 to 7 times what we’re charging, and take 10 times as long. Our lean, focused team means we can deliver better work, faster.
  • We’re building our reputation with creative professionals like you. The price of this service will increase to $3500 once we’ve built five websites, so jump on this now if you’re interested.

Thanks to our proprietary process, and the fact that we focus on your website more than a standard agency, we’re able to complete most website projects in about a week (assuming you provide feedback in a timely manner 😉).

Here’s how that usually works:

  • Day 1: You submit your onboarding worksheet, and we start researching your audience, market, etc.
  • Days 2-4: We build a draft of your website using our proprietary process. This lets us skip the time-consuming “Design in Photoshop, send over images files, etc.” process that slows down so many website projects.
  • Day 5: You get to review a real, live website draft you can view on desktop or mobile devices. You’ll take notes of what you’d like changed for our working session.
  • Day 7: We’ll have a four-hour working session together where we’ll review and revise your website draft with you – live – so your website is done and ready to share!

No awkward, “Where’s my website?” or, “How’s it going?” Just a focused, fast process.

For this special introductory rate, we’re only building sites on WordPress. However, if you’d like to use another platform (such as Kajabi), we’re happy to discuss how we can build on your hosting.

We will help you purchase hosting in the domain as part of this project. Those costs will be factored into the total project fee. That means even if you don’t have hosting now, you will pay the same flat rate for your one pager website. We highly recommend site ground hosting, rated five stars and with some of the best support we have ever seen any tech company. Ever.

We are happy to work with your current hosting as long as it supports the results-focused marketing integration you’ll need as you grow. (This is why we highly recommend WordPress or Kajabi as both platforms scale well with your business.)

Thanks to the way we’ll build your site, you can easily make updates on your own in the future.

As creative entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is that you will be able to make changes and updates on the go. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait for a developer. That’s why when we do the handoff, your entire website will include documentation as well as a walk-through video showing you how to make changes. Plus, thanks to the word press community, you will have access to countless resources.