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Want higher revenue-per-customer? Optimize their off-site journey, too.

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Many businesses I’ve worked with engaged me to optimize their sites to maximize customer value. But the truth is, boosting revenue per customer means scouring data about what your audience is doing BEFORE and AFTER they visit your site.

Here are some of the questions you should ask as part of a customer value audit:

❓Are you tracking traffic sources, measuring how much you’re spending to capture users from each source?

❓What happens to engage visitors after they leave your site? (Social ads, testimonial ads, special offers, etc.)

❓How are you adapting your messaging based on what content these visitors viewed? (Implementing this one is easy money.)

❓Do you send the same follow up sequence to all email subscribers, or do you let them choose their own adventure™️ and customize messages based on previous campaign activity? (Whether they click through on specific messages or make purchases, for example)

❓ How can you reduce the friction between what your customers experience on your site and how they engage your brand offsite? Creating more value in your customer journey requires big-picture thinking.

Your default needs to be, “what don’t I know?” Because the moment you start assuming you already understand your customers, you’re leaving money on the table.

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