Need a more impressive website to grow your business?

Get a simple yet high-powered site to transform your copywriting, consulting, or other creative business from amateur to pro... and start landing those high-value clients.

If You've Ever Said, "I Know a Professional Website Would Help Me Land Better Clients, but I Just Don't Have Time," Then This Is for You.

Stop me if this sounds familiar:

You’re speaking with a potential client about an exciting gig. The call is going well. But then, they make a simple request that makes your cheeks flush:

“Do you have a website or samples?”

Yikes. Technically, you do have a website… but it’s an ugly, embarrassing one you haven’t shown anyone since that one long afternoon on Wix.

Or maybe you don’t really even have a website yet, just a Google Doc that you don’t feel looks quite professional.

Either way, the confidence you felt during your call falls to the floor. You try to “hrm” and “ah” your away around not having to show your website.

But the damage is done. Your client felt that uncertainty… and that made them feel uncertain about you.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you knew your website looked good?

Would you feel confident when sharing it with potential clients? And would that confidence help you close more deals?

We think so. In fact, we know so.

With a One-page Website, You Can Win High-paying Clients Without Public Samples, Blog Posts, or Other "Extras"

Need proof?

You’re on one right now.

There’s no “Portfolio” page, or “About”, or even “Why Choose Me” page.

All that information is contained in one simple, focused page.

Isn’t that convenient?

And it gets better.

If you worry about competing against other freelancers, the one-page website solves this too.

What’s more memorable: a generic website where you have to click across four or five pages to get the whole story (like most freelancer sites)…

…Or a clean, focused, one-page website where everything prospects need to know is in one convenient place?

We Know From Experience That Well-designed, Memorable One-page Sites Outperform the "Average" Freelancer Website

Your website has two jobs:

  1. Help sell “you” in a memorable way
  2. Make prospective clients feel comfortable picking you over competitors

If your current website isn’t achieving those two things… or if you don’t have a current website at all… your business is stuck. 

You have to work harder to have the same amount of success as your competitors. 

Without a memorable website, you’re holding yourself back.

If your current freelancer website is embarassing, or ineffective, or just plain forgettable… it’s simply not doing its job for you.

So fire it.

Here’s the obvious truth: you’ll earn more, faster if you create a memorable website that does its job

You only need a well-designed, one-page website to do its job well to grow your business.

Just look at the countless creative professionals (like Common People Web Design co-founder Matt Hall) who use single-page sites to build consulting, copywriting, and other creative businesses…

Empowering them to earn higher fees, every year.

Year after year.

Now you can join the ranks of true high-earning professionals with a pro website that does its job… all in less time and for less cost than you might expect.

Matt understands design at a deeper level than most. It's not just about pretty layouts and fancy colors—but as a copywriter, he knows to make it convert. His understanding of messaging hierarchy is the perfect compliment to design, and the page he created elevated all the right components.
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copy
Matt jumped in to save the day when my launch was about to crash and burn. He researched the options, knew what to do, and then just... did it. He got things done without having to be chased or asked. He was considerate of the bigger picture and excited about being part of my success. I left feeling great about him as a person, and a professional.
Joel Klettke
Case Study Buddy
We interviewed Matt for our podcast and his conversational approach to solving problems and talking through processes was so helpful for both us as hosts and for our listeners. I loved how passionate he was about ethical design principles and how he applies it to his everyday work.
Laura Luck
Table at the Back Podcast


The One-Page Website

Get a powerful tool to close more deals, find better clients, and grow your solo business past six-figures – in about 2 weeks!

When you hire Common People to build your one-page website, you get everything you need:


Working with you, we'll develop a design style that matches your brand and personality. We'll also help develop your visual "hook" so your site's memorable. Then we'll craft your design from scratch – no pre-built templates.


We'll bring your site to life on hosting that's been set up for you, then transfer the account ownership to you. (That's right, we believe you should own your site and not lock you in.)

(Optional) Copy

We prefer that you bring your own copy. However, If you need us to write your page copy in addition to your design/dev, we're happy to do so at a discounted rate. Let's chat during your onboarding!

And that's not all! You'll also get a CUSTOM VIDEO TUTORIAL so you can easily make changes to your copy, images, and layouts on your own.

We know that you might want to test different headlines, offers, images, and more. And we believe you should be able to tinker with those edits all on your own – without hiring an expensive developer every single time.

So we’ll throw in the following:

  • Conversion-focused templates for new pages, blog posts, and landing pages
  • Tech like SEO tools, analytics, and an easy-to-use website builder
  • Documentation so you know how to use these tools when you’re ready

…all to help you continuously optimize your site.  meet your measurable business goals.

(Need additional functionality, like the ability to take payments from the website? We can set that up for you, too. Just ask!)

Conversion Design for Brands Big and Small

We’ve served many different industries, client types, and sizes, all with a focus on helping our partner clients achieve their business goals.

Matt has solved SO MANY niggling little tech/design problems in my business, from coding web pages to designing a beautiful sales page and making tech platforms talk to each other. The breadth and application of his knowledge blows my mind, and I think of him as the glue any business needs.
Kirsty Fanton
Business Badassery
I asked Matt if he'd mind casting an eye over a website for a tech-based client of mine, because I frankly felt out of my depth at the time. In a few swift, precise and supremely direction-changing minutes, Matt reviewed the website – and suggested changes that could literally result in tens of thousands of dollars in new business overnight. He totally over-delivered, because that's what he does. Matt is a freakin superhero.
Gin Walker
Copy Consultant to the Stars
Being able to work with someone that is trying to find out about us, and who is not trying to tell me what we are. The Halls are extremely personable and easy to work with. That does not mean they are a pushover! Matt & Mika take pride in their work and will tell you what they think is the best for your business. If you have the opportunity to work with Matt & Mika Hall, take it.
David Furse
Owner, Cranky's Restaurant

How We Deliver a Gorgeous, Results-focused Site (Fast!)

This is perfect for copywriters, consultants, and designers who have an established freelance business and are ready to hit new income goals.

Get Onboarded

Click the button below to pay a 50% deposit and access your onboarding questionnaire. This helps us understand your business and do a little bit of research.

Have a Strategy Call

We'll schedule an onboarding strategy call to better understand your business, your goals, and your style. (This helps us create your memorable "hook".)

Review Your Draft

You'll be able to look at a live draft of your site from a browser and provide feedback.

Make Revisions Live

After we've made the first round of revisions, we'll have another live revision session where we'll all make final touches and tweaks LIVE, in real-time.

Receive Your Finished Site

We'll do a bit of testing (gotta make sure those forms arrive!). And then, you're live! We'll have one final handoff/training call so you feel empowered. (We'll record this call, too, so you can refer to it later!)

It’s a proven process that brings maximum results, fast. 

Who's Behind This Project?

We’re Mika and Matt Hall, founders at Common People Web Design. It’s our job to empower purpose-driven organizations to do more good in this world.

And we love a good jumpsuit!

We built our first site way back in 1999 during the days of Frontpage (RIP chunky iframes). And now, we’re using sustainable tools to help creative professionals grow their businesses.

Our goal is to build a site you can leverage to

  • Win your dream clients…
  • Command higher fees… 
  • Hit new income levels…

…and achieve your other business goals.

We’ve deisgned every step of this process to be as friendly and low-stress as possible. 

Confident, Professional Positioning for Your Business

The one page website tells them just enough information without losing their attention or interest. It sends a message of confidence and professionalism.

It tells your clients, “I am the one you’ve been looking for. Let’s get to work.”

And best of all, since you’ll get it quickly, you’ll be able to start winning business sooner instead of being paralyzed by your lack of website.

View these samples of our work to see how we consistently bring conversion-focused design to our clients’ sites. (Click on any image to see a full screenshot.)

Josh Lee Copywriting


Matt Hall Writes Copy


Alex Pro Mix

Coaching & Production

If you need more than a one-page site, we can create the web experience you need to win new clients & customers. Just drop us a line so we can chat about your custom project.

Justin Blackman

Brand Voice Coaching

Amy Posner

Copy Coaching & Mentoring

Samar Owais

eCommerce Email Bootcamp

and have it done in about two weeks.

A Memorable Site Makes Selling Your Work Easy

Here’s a real story about how I used my one-page site to win a $9k/month copywriting gig.

My old copywriting site (which I’ll show you below) had a simple message: “I use data to create high-performing, profitable messaging.”

I needed some sort of visual to enhance my story – a central “hook” that would help clients remember MY site. 

(It doesn’t help that I  have a pretty forgettable face!)

What’s cool, different, and memorable… but still relavant to my message?

Awesome spaceships.

I designed my site’s written and visual messaging around a space theme. No dad jokes, no puns, just something light and fun. Here’s a screenshot:

Cool right?

When you’re running your own business, the most important rule isn’t whether it’s cool, it’s whether it works.

Well, here’s how I knew it worked:

About 6 months after starting this gig, I was having a casual conversation with the company’s CEO. This company does $60MM in annual revenue and has over 100 employees.

This CEO? He’s a busy guy.

So what he said next shocked me:

“You have that rocket ship site, right? That was really well done.”

Not only had my one-page website landed me a high-paying gig, it had been remembered 6 months later.

I realized something important: If I’d tried to stuff in too much info across too many pages, it wouldn’t have been as memorable.

In fact, it would have been like everyone else’s.

And I wouldn’t have won the gig.

But creating a focused, simple experience made me stand out. And that helped me win that awesome gig over my competition.

Now you can quickly enjoy the same kind of confidence that comes from having a memorable, attractive site.

"But What About Editing My Site?"

We’re old-school, Web 1.0 folks. So we believe your website should belong to you. That means you should be able to edit your own site without needing to pay a $150/hr developer.

That’s why we’ll build your site in a way that’s simple to update – all on your own. You’ll receive walkthrough videos, links to documentation, and anything else you might need to adjust your site going after it’s live.

And if you ever run into any problems, never fear: we’re nice people who are happy to help.

Warning before you order: this isn’t for everyone.

The one page website requires a partnership between our team and you. If you’re not seriously willing to do the following, then this isn’t going to be a good fit.

  • Fill out our onboarding worksheet, which helps us know your business inside and out
  • Provide a decent, professional-looking photo to show clients you’re serious
  • Help choose a design elements like colors and your visual “hook” so your site feels like “you”
  • Give prompt feedback on design choices so your site launches faster

If you’re willing to do everything above, great! We’ll be a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is, one that will help your business grow to six-figures and beyond. Here are some of the things that set us apart:

  • We don’t use templates. We start every project with a blank slate and determine what layouts, fonts, colors and other elements would best share your message.
  • We’re faster and more efficient than expensive agencies. An agency would likely charge 6 to 7 times what we’re charging, and take 10 times as long. Our lean, focused team means we can deliver better work, faster.
  • We’re building our reputation with creative professionals like you. The price of this service will increase to $5000 once we’ve built five websites, so jump on this now if you’re interested.
Yes, if we have our onboarding call and realize this isn’t a good fit for your business, we’ll cancel the project and refund your deposit. No hard feelings.

If you already have fonts/colors/etc. picked out, awesome! We’ll start from there and build on that together as we craft your site.

(That’s actually even better because it means we can spend more time finding the right memorable “hook” for your site.)

We’ll start wherever you are and then work upward from there.

Thanks to our proprietary process, and the fact that we focus on your website more than a standard agency, we’re able to complete most website projects in about two weeks (assuming you provide feedback in a timely manner 😉).

Here’s how that usually works:

  • Day 1: You submit your onboarding worksheet, and we start researching your audience, market, etc.
  • Days 2-4: We build a draft of your website using our proprietary process. This lets us skip the time-consuming “Design in Photoshop, send over images files, etc.” process that slows down so many website projects.
  • Day 7: You get to review a real, live website draft you can view on desktop or mobile devices. You’ll take notes of what you’d like changed for our working session.
  • Day 10: We’ll have a four-hour working session together where we’ll review and revise your website draft with you – live – so your website is done and ready to share!

No awkward, “Where’s my website?” or, “How’s it going?” Just a focused, fast process.

We’ve been making websites since 1999. And we’re thrilled at how easy some website builder platforms are today compared to when we started.

But some website platforms just aren’t great to grow your business on.

Our goal is to set you up for long-term success. We don’t want you to need to rebuild your entire site 9 months from now as you grow.

That’s why we’ll only build on platforms we believe are optimal for your long-term success. This includes:

  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • Squarespace

However, if you’d like to use another platform (such as Kajabi), we’re happy to discuss how we can build on your hosting for an additional fee.

We will help you purchase hosting in the domain as part of this project. Those costs will be factored into the total project fee. That means even if you don’t have hosting now, you will pay the same flat rate for your one pager website. We highly recommend site ground hosting, rated five stars and with some of the best support we have ever seen any tech company. Ever.

We are happy to work with your current hosting as long as it supports the results-focused marketing integration you’ll need as you grow. (This is why we highly recommend WordPress, Webflow, or Squarespace as these platforms scale well with your type of business.)

Thanks to the way we’ll build your site, you can easily make updates on your own in the future.

As creative entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is that you will be able to make changes and updates on the go. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait for a developer. That’s why when we do the handoff, your entire website will include documentation as well as a walk-through video showing you how to make changes. Plus, thanks to the word press community, you will have access to countless resources.

Search engines like Google have become WAY smarter in recent years. Now, they’re clever enough to know if a website delivered on the user’s search intent, ie, “Did this website seem to answer their problem?”

This is determined by a number of factors including time on page, page engagement, and others.

So in some ways, a one-page website is fine for SEO.

But realistically, this isn’t a problem most freelancers have to deal with yet. Most freelancers find work through referrals and their networks. Here, the one-page website works wonders because it’s like a more powerful tool to use during sales calls.

If you ARE interested in your search engine optimization, such as showing up in local search results, we include Yoast SEO. You’ll get blog and page templates, too, so that you can add additional content, improve your rankings, and boost organic traffic over time.

It’s our pleasure to answer them! Just email

Ready to level up your business with a professional, client-ready site? Click the button below: